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orgasmicbitch's Journal

28 September
80's, albion batcave, alessandro safina, alt cafe, and one, angelina jolie, aphorisms, apoptygma berzerk, aterciopelados, avenue d, baltasar gracian, beborn beton, beer, berlin, bettie page, billy idol, black, body oil, body painting, boys, candles, ceviche, chamomile, che guevara, cherries, chicha morada, china town, clothes, clubs, coldplay, concerts, curve, danny masterson, das ich, dead roses, demonia, depeche mode, diane arbus, dog pile, dolce gabbana, dreams, egypt, el chavo, electroclash, eye shadows, fashion design, film, gifts, hair coloring, hats, hockey, hot hot heat, incense, indie-rock, interpol, irony, italian, jalea, joy division, kmfdm, knowledge, kwan yin, ladytron, le tigre, liam lynch, limelight, lip service, mac, make-up, manic panic, manson, marlboro lights, men, mindless self indulgence, mirrors, miss kitten, monaco, moon, morrisey, mount sims, mousse, movies, musicians, new order, new york, nin, party's, passion fruit, peaches, people, peru, pet shop boys, peter murphy, photography, pins, pixies, pleasure, poetry, polaroid transfers, pony, poplife, posters, punky colour, queer as folk, radiohead, rapture, red, red bull, rem, revolver, rio, september 28, sex talk, sexuality, shrimp sushi, sid vicious, sin, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, spices, spider pussy, st marks place, staind, starbucks, style, super coco, synthpop, tarot, tequila, that 70's show, the church, the clash, the cure, the kitchen, the morgue, the smiths, thrift stores, tracy lords, tv production, vampires, violet femmes, violets, vnv nation, watermelon, wayne static, white stripes, wolfsheim, writing music, yeah yeah yeahs