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the c [Dec. 13th, 2004|05:18 am]
[mood |crushedcrushed]

His name was jonathan and he was pretty, pale, and intense, beautiful hair, beautiful smile... he was from chile and i was drunk coming on to him, i told him to excuse me that i was drunk and that when that happens i think i have a chance to do anything, he said that maybe i could. Then he just ask about stuff and he ask us what would happen if we couldn't go back to jersey, we said that we could go back, he had to study for finals so i didn't ask him for his ##, his eyes were intense and i was pretty much telling him with mine that i liked him .... we said bye and looked very deep into his eyes... then my cousin said i should of take a pic!!! aggrrrr i got mad i make him go back, to my surprise he got back in the train to the opposite direction where he told me he had to go .....

Moving on the night was crazy we went to new york in a cab, we went to tiswas music was good, but i wanted to dance so we went to another club in st marks place it was better saw some hot body contest, saw a dick or two, and came back to jersey, that is when i met him, john let me borrow his shoes and he used mine silver shoes it was funny... overall i had a good night.